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A running nose - The importance of sucking out the stagnant nasal secretion.
Why is the child coughing if he/she has not got a running nose?
Efficiency test of the babyvac by the Medical University of Vienna
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Please read our (Baby Vac) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page, where you can find more information about the use of Arianna Baby Vac.
  • Clinically tested and approved by the Universitat Ulm Klinik in German
  • Paediatricians and ENT specialists recommend it
  • Safe for newborns, toddlers and infants
  • Works fast
  • Easy to clean

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Welcome to our website. This site informs you about the use of Arianna Baby Vac and the articles related to this product. We hope our site will satisfy your curiosity and dispel your doubts. Please, read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page, where you can find the answers for the most common questions.

Conceptual exposition of the Baby Vac:

A running nose for babies and toddlers is very common. One of the major problems is that a small child is not able to blow his/her nose until they reach around 4 years of age and it takes some time before an infant or a baby will learn to breathe through the mouth (around 6 weeks of age). Snuffles will hinder breathing, make them feel discomfort, and may lead to more serious health problems concerning the ear, nose, throat and the inferior respiratory tracts for example: viral infections, bacteria, such as staphylococcal and strep throat which is an infection caused by the streptococcus bacteria and often needs to be treated by antibiotic medication.
Therefore it is very important to keep the nasal cavity clear.
The Arianna Baby Vac nasal vacuum can be a good alternative for this purpose. Naturally, a check-up by a health professional is not replaceable. Only a doctor can diagnose the cause of a nasal secretion. The removals of secretion from the nasal cavities improve breathing and general well-being.
Please, watch the video about the use of the product. Click on this icon:

Using the Arianna Baby Vac:

Place the child or infant in a sitting/upright position. We recommend holding the child in your lap until he/she feels comfortable with this apparatus. Position the evacuator (A) so that it should fully seal one of the nostrils and hold it there for a few seconds while observing the discharge being deposited in the collecting cylinder (B).
You may gently rotate the evacuator in a circular pattern.
Repeat this process in the same or/and the other nostril daily as many times as needed.
We recommend using Saline or any other nose drops to loosen the mucus few minutes before using the Baby Vac.
The Arianna Baby Vac made by a safety plastic which is transparent so easy to see the mucus it sucks out from the nose.

Cleaning of the Baby Vac:

As above we explained the Baby Vac doesn't need to be sterilised. Clean the units before and after each use by washing it with hot soapy water then rinse with hot or warm water. Don't use any detergents, chemicals or abrasive materials on it.


1. Insert the evacuator (A) into the collecting cylinder (B)
2. Turn on your household vacuum cleaner between 800Watt and 1500Watt
3. Insert the vacuum cleaner adapter (C) into the attachment hose on the vacuum
4. Place your child in a sitting/upright position on your lap and hold him/her safely
5. Put the evacuator (A) into his/her one nostril and leave the suction on until the mucus goes into the evacuator
6. Repeat the process with your child other nostril
7. When you finished with the process take away the Baby Vac from the child's head


Turn off the vacuum cleaner then remove the vacuum cleaner adapter (C) from the operating vacuum and wash it following the instructions of the cleaning.

There are two evacuators can be found inside the box with one little brush to help clean the Baby Vac.



"I bought a baby vac off you last week, but didn't get the chance to use it straight away as my son's cold disappeared as quick as it arrived. Due to him teething and having his vaccinations seem to have bought on another round of blocked and runny nose.

Theo is not to keen on having this gadget shoved up his nose unless mum sticks the spare piece up her nose first which gives everyone else a laugh.

Even though we can't get him to let us keep it in there for long I am really impressed with how much gunk actually comes out. It seems to be enough to get him through for a wee while which to me is better than nothing.

As soon as I get him to stay around when the lux starts up with the Baby Vac on the end I know we will have great success. As the saying goes Good Things Take Time.

I will be suggesting the Baby Vac to all the people I know that have babies and toddlers as I think every one should have it. Thankyou very much for having this on Trade Me, as I would not have even heard of this product if not for that. I am sure also that in 10 years time I will be able to say that the cold and flu season (plus any other time of year) was a breath of fresh air for me and my family. Thank you once again!"

Panui Wesley from Christchurch

"Excellent trade. I am amazed at how much mucous was extracted from my 3 month old who has been terribly snuffly for the past week. In just two extractions, she now can breath again freely. I am truely impressed. Thanks!!! "

Dylan from Auckland

"I bought the Baby Vac about 2 weeks ago. I had to use it first last week as Georgia got a cold. She was all blocked up, and it made her grumpy, hard to feed her and not sleeping. I am really pleased that I got the Baby Vac! Now I can't imagine going through a cold or a flu without it. I would definitely recommend for every mother with babies or young children as it's the best help I've ever had for when they are blocked up.
Thank you very much!"

Leah Rose, Texas, USA


"Thank you for sending the babyvac so promptly, I used it the very day it arrived & found it most effective. Luckily the cold Arabella had never went any further than a mild blocked nose which the babyvac was a great help in un-blocking. Knowing that I have it ready should she get another cold provides great peace of mind (theres nothing worse than a baby with a cold who is unable to feed or sleep properly!)"

Arabella's mum from Christchurch


"When I first got the Baby Vac I was scared to use it. I was afraid it would hurt my baby or "suck her brains out".†However, one day she was really suffering with a stuffed up nose so I decided to use it.†I couldn't believe how well it worked.†She got a little upset with having it put up her nose but it didn't hurt her at all and she was able to breathe so much better afterwards.†Now I'm addicted to using it. I highly recommend this product to every family with young children."

Kimberley Read (mother of Lila 7 months)

"I found Baby Vac easy to use, very effective and I was surprised how much mucous came out of my sons nose"

Andy Fox (dad of Lennie, 6months)

"I was afraid to use the Baby Vac at first. The whole idea of cleaning my baby's nose with the help of a hoover sounded very frightening to me. It was my husband who persuaded me to try it because of Isabelle's constant blocked nose and cold. I can only tell you that it worked wonderfully and we have been using Baby Vac ever sine."

Adrienne Winkler (mother of Flora 3 years and Isabelle 11 months)

"Thanks for the awesome product! We've used it on our 5 month old baby and its been fantastic. He does not seem to mind it too much, and we are amazed at how much mucous comes out of him. Not only does it help our son breath easy but also us as well, knowing that he can sleep and feed better without being blocked up and at risk of getting a middle ear infection. Thanks again, we'll certainly recommend this product to our friends and family."

D. Gerrard, Tokoroa

"I have Twin Prem Boys and this is my life saver."

kyles2003. Lower Hutt

"Isabelle has a cold where again the Baby Vac came in handy. The snots went from green, to yellow and now to clear. I believe that if we were not able to extract the infection out with the Baby Vac, we would have been back to square one and on antibiotics. This is a great product."

Kate, Isabelle's mum from Melbourne/Australia

"Our baby is very happy to use this product. We can diffenetly see the difference since we use it. He is not blocked up at all, he has happy mood even if he has a cold or flu (except when he has fever), he eats well, playing happily. At the first couple of time he didnít like to be held until we used the device, but now he let us use the it on him, we are sure he knows that the Baby Vac helps him! Thanks again!"

Ben's mum



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